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Frozen Pizza!

KT’s Kitchens, Inc., established in 1987 by Kathy Taggares, is a frozen pizza manufacturer specializing in private label and contract packing. Our 120,000 sq. ft. facility enables us to produce a wide range of pizza products with a multitude of toppings, crust types, and packaging capabilities. Our bakery specializes in high end, hand stretched crusts. However, a wide range of crusts are available.

As a co-packer our customers include some of the largest food companies and brands in the US.

We also have organic and Gluten Free capability—specializing in production and sourcing.

KT’s Kitchens,  a 100% women owned business, can supply all your pizza needs!

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K.T.’s Kitchens
Los Angeles Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Company List – 2019
Los Angeles Business Journal’s Top 100 Woman Owned Business List – 1989 to 2019
SBA California Person of the Year – 1994
Ernst Young/Inc. Magazine/Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur of the Year – 1993
National Association of Women Business Owners’ Business Owner of the Year – 1992

Kathy Taggares

KTs Kitchens Kathy Taggers

KT’s Kitchens: Pie Piper

Los Angeles Business Journal

Kathy Taggares, founder and chief executive of KT’s Kitchens Inc., thinks of her private label and contract-packing frozen pizza company in terms of pies-per-minute.

“I always think in terms of minutes — we are always analyzing things by the minute around here,” Taggares said during a recent Business Journal visit to the company’s offices and production plant in Carson. “KT’s Kitchens produces 500 small pizzas a minute. If we are making a 12-inch pizza, it’s 200 a minute.”


KT’s Kitchens: Kathy Taggares diversified into the frozen pizza business

Los Angeles Times

Food-Service Entrepreneur Stands the Heat : Management: Kathy Taggares diversified into the frozen pizza business when her salad dressing product hit a slump. The move has paid off for K.T.’s Kitchens.

Kathy Taggares kept reading about entrepreneurs who’d built businesses from nothing and she wanted to join the club. So seven years ago Taggares sold everything from her jewelry to her condominium to help raise enough money to help buy a salad dressing company from Marriott International. She renamed the business K.T.’s Kitchens, and when the salad dressing business hit a slump, she jumped into the frozen pizza market. It’s paid off.


KT’s Kitchens: Kathy Taggares $1.75 Million Donation to Expand Los Angeles Spay and Neuter Program


Today the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) announced a life-saving donation of $1.75 million from Kathy Taggares, one of the ASPCA’s generous supporters and spay and neuter advocates for animals in Los Angeles. Kathy’s contribution is marked as the most significant donation from an individual for spay and neuter programs in L.A.